Managed Team Extension

Our team will be your teams extension. Working only on your project.
We select each member of your extended team in accordance with the criteria and skills you need, and by using our Team Extension model the developers become an integral part of your team throughout the whole project. As they work they will immerse themselves in your project, preserve the culture of your company and work according to your strategic goals. All in an effort to help you build better, more synergistic teams.

This solution is for:

Development of new systems or software
You'll get dedicated developers with strong technical skills that can help you accelerate your product development and/or integration.
Cooperation in the long term
You can depend on them 24/7 and expect long-term and successful collaboration, just as your team works with your project.
Continuous bug fixes and support
We recommend the best technology and continuously integrate new features in your product.
Saving Resources and Time
It seems to you that it is difficult to hire and acquire outstanding, cost-effective IT expertise or do not want to spend time on recruitment.
Get more for a lower budget
With optimal resources, we are building cohesive agile teams that hit the goals most quickly. Month after month, you are given a quality that keeps you from going over the budget.
Expertise on Quality Assurance
We reduce your risk of launching a product with outdated software, saving you from extra costs.

Our process

Stage 1

Client Needs Identification

You get in touch with Codify, we learn the basics of your business.

Stage 2

Defining Job Description

Building strategies to turn your business idea into a successful product and identifying needed expertise.

Stage 3

Allocating And Finding Staff

Filling those vacancies immediately if we have these people at the bench or find using a case-by-case set of specific recruiting tools and methods from our comprehensive internal database of potential candidates.

Stage 4

Interview With Client

We set up first meeting with the team after all candidates pass the assessments and provide feedback and background information for each team member.

Stage 5

HR Support

We perform all on-board procedures (NDA, employment arrangements, computer equipment, social benefits, health insurance, etc.)

Stage 6


Your team is ready to solve any problems 24/7.

Project Life-Cycle

The life cycle of the project will obviously not end when the program is built and started up. We will continue to test and continually develop your project as your expectations and specifications change.
  • Planning

    We start with a detailed discussion based on the your requirement and interaction.

    1 Planning

  • Analysis

    Our team drafts a time line and approximate project plan.

    2 Analysis

  • Design

    System and software design is prepared from the requirement specifications which were studied in the first two phases.

    3 Design

  • Implementation

    The development team now starts working on developing the software based on the first iteration.

    4 Implementation

  • Testing & Integration

    After the code is developed it is tested against the requirements to make sure that the product is actually solving the needs.

    5 Testing & Integration

  • Maintenance

    Once when the customers starts using the developed system then the actual problems comes up and needs to be solved from time to time.

    6 Maintenance

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